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924 Greenup Ave. Ashland, Ky 41101
+1 606-324-8401


Our Elected Officials

Leadership Team

Ben Collier

Business Manager

Chief Executive Officer
Residential, Commercial, and HVAC Service sector

Anthony Lewis

Financial Secretary Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer
Industrial sector &Traveling Dispatching

Melissa Logan
Office Manager

Human Resources

Gavin Tussey


Director of Education & Workforce Development

Our Officers

Duane Barnhill – President
Gavin Tussey – Vice President
Jeffrey Rice – Recording Secretary
Steven (Zeb) Brown – Inside Guard


Executive Board

James Hale (Pickle)
Tim Speta (Logger)
Thomas McClelland (Cuddles)
Shad Sudderth

Finance Committee

Nathan Moore
Anthony Arnett Jr
Michael Stewart

Examining Board

Steve Kegley
James Terry (Shrek)
Levi Chappelow
Skyle Collier

We thank these individuals for their dedication to Local 248.

If you are a member of Local 248 and want to become involved with the Local, please speak with an Officer to learn more about potential opportunities to serve our organization. There are numerous opportunities not listed, for members to help move our Local forward.