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924 Greenup Ave. Ashland, Ky 41101
+1 606-324-8401


24 Eastern Kentucky Counties make up the Local 248 jurisdiction assigned by the United Association charter. We are committed to serving all 24 Counties and fulfill their piping industry needs in construction and service of Industrial, Commercial, Residential needs.

These counties comprise of 475,000+ people living in these areas on the recent 2020 US census. 525+ households in this area are the dwellings of Local 248 families who endeavor to bring world-class skills to the negotiating table.

Our jurisdiction is comprised of Mountains, Hills, Hollers, Flatlands and also diversified between Cities, Towns, & unincorporated communities that are full of everyday Americans who are seeking to live at peace with their neighbors and earn a livable wage and have healthcare and pension benefits to live out the American Dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.